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Your fans are located globally so why is your merchandise-shop still only in English? How will you reach out to your fans in China or Brazil? Fanfiber enables global sales with a local touch, allowing your fans to buy your merchandise in their own language, their own currency and pay with their local payment methods. We can even ship for you. That's Fanfiber.

Engage your fans, sell more and expand your business!

Who is using us?

Do you have a large amount of fans following you on social media? Using Fanfiber you can monetize your fan base with one single platform.

  • EDM clubs
  • Electronic music DJ's
  • Drummers
  • Fan clubs
  • Electronic music DJ's
  • Drummers
  • EDM clubs
  • Actors

Global fans

The strength of Fanfiber is in its Experience and Network. We have offered global e-commerce solutions for many years. With offices in multiple countries around the globe, Fanfiber supports your international business expansion.

A complete global e-commerce solution, from webshop and local fullfillment to social media marketing to ramp up your conversion.

Local approach

Fanfiber eliminates the obstacles, enabling you to do business in any country. Local laws, fulfillment, payment methods, after sales and customer support? We take care of it.

Increase your conversion by providing localized content. Your fans will love it and will buy your merchandise instead of only looking at it.

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